Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Garland Guild Quilt Retreat 2010

I went on a wonderful retreat last weekend with my local guild. I didn't have a camera with me to record all the shenanigan's but here are pictures of what I got done while I was there.

First I put these blocks together. This is my oldest UFO and they are now almost a top. I made 32 of these blocks sometime around 2001. The other half of them went into a quilt for my niece Helen who was 3 at the time. She is now almost 12.

I'd taken some fabrics with me for the borders and decided I didn't like them. Still need to decide on border fabrics.

I also took another really old set of blocks and put them together into this. Ditto on the border problem.

I finished a bunch of blocks like these

and the bug jars for June BOM in the guild

And another UFO bites the dust

This was from a focus fabric into blocks swap with my friend Medina. It took a while to get the layout just right. I put the blocks on a design wall and my friend Sharon and I spent about an hour redistributing them. At one point I just walked away for a while and when I came back I knew it was perfect.

BTW tirane, I was wrong- you had all the green daisy blocks. I had them confused with these butterflies.


tirane93 said...

wowzers! that's a heckuvalota work you got done during the retreat. kudos!

Abby said...

I added your blog when you joined the DMQG, but I didn't know you were in the Garland guild, too! My friends Ellen, Beth, and I are all members although I can't say I've been to a meeting recently - so busy! Glad you got so much done at the retreat!

Quilter In Paradise said...

lots of work! go see tirane's blog ( ) and see what she came up with for layouts.. pretty cool!
have a good weekend!