Thursday, October 4, 2007

October Goals

I know it's already 4 days into the month, but so much is going on here. I am going to post monthly goals for myself and see what I can get done.

1. Get things going on having the Lab Band Surgery. This is already underway! Have had a flurry of Doctors visits this week and should know next week what the surgery date is!
2. Drastically decrease my stash, trading out lots of yardage I don't want. This is underway too. So far I've got over 50 yards of fabrics going out to people with stuff I need coming back. Have pics posted in Quilting Forever and whatever isn't traded I will try to sell in the Quilters Flea Market group. If that doesn't work it will go into the charity quilt stash or get given away in Freecycle.
3. Make as many things possible towards the SWA craft fair booth in November.
4. Finish all the block swaps owed in 1 of my groups.
5. Clean out my extremely messy, junky car.
6. Finish the Charity top made with this hideous shark fabric. I'm making a dissappearing 9-patch.
7. Find all the Mapleleaf blocks and at least get them arranged how I want them and hopefully into a top.
8. Post a blog at least once a week.
9. Attend Church at least twice this month.
10. Decide what needs to be made for Christmas presents and get started on those too.