Thursday, November 6, 2008


Due to a family crisis I haven't felt like sewing in about a week, although I have cut lots of 5 inch squares to make some folded coasters. Saturday is my monthly bee with my friends and I hope to get motivated and do some more work on the paper pieced coasters while there.

But I wanted to show off what my quilter boss/friend brought me from the Houston Quilt Festival.

These will go into my "I Spy" stash...
And these will go into my growing stash of Geometric Black & Whites. I especially like the one in the upper right corner. It is Lily pads. I may do some paper pieced frogs to go with it somehow. I think it's really cute. I like all of them. I can tell she really thought about what to get me.


Anonymous said...

You received lovely fabrics to put in your I Spy quilt. Hope you are inspired and motivated to get back to quilting!

tirane93 said...

nothing like a little cotton to pick up your spirits, eh? that's a nice stash enhancement you've got there.

vtquilter said...

Great fabrics! Hope you feel like sewing soon and things are better with your family.