Thursday, April 9, 2009

Overwhelmed/Easter plans

Well last years spring cleaning and this January's clean up didn't solve the problem. I walk into my sewing room and I still feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I have. I haven't read it yet, but I'm reminded of Peter Walsh's book "Does ths clutter make my butt look fat?".

I am trading away some block sets on QATW for fabrics I need and am going to have a sale here on my blog starting April 13 of fabrics and books. Those of you that are local to DFW can pay me $ in person and the rest will be by mail or paypal. So please check back Monday morning and maybe there will be something that sparks your interest.

What are your plans for the holiday weekend? Unfortuantely I have to work all day Friday but hope to cut some fabrics when I get home. The only other goal for the weekend is to finally decide on the sashing and borders for the shoofly quilt and get those cut and/or made.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and can do something quilty!


Crispy said...

It's just going to be Bob & I for Easter. I'll fix ham and macaroni salad, I bought the potato salad that is made locally for Bob, too sweet for me. We rarely have days off together so we will have a quiet day and fight over the remote LOL.


Shar said...

My sewing room could use a good going through also..We always have a family get together at my mothers house on Easter..I just wish the kids where little so we could hide Easter eggs for them....I miss that.....But, I could always buy the plastic eggs and put money in them. Think that would work?? LOL

Scrappy-Quilter said...

I know and understand what you mean. I am working on reducing but it seems to multiple when it gets some breathing room.
Easter plans spend time with the family after church on Sunday and see what the Easter bunny will bring the kids when the return that evening.
Hope you have a great weekend