Monday, August 3, 2009

2 Finishes and a Start

Well I didn't quite make it by July 31, but I did finish these 2 Shoofly tops this weekend.

I had other intentions for the borders of the first one. I had designed something in EQ6 using some slanted strips. I printed off the patterns and made the blocks. Dumb me forgot to REVERSE 1/2 of the blocks and so all my strips face the same way. So now I have 28 of these

I don't have too much more of the black dots left. It's a standard fabric from JoAnn's, but I realized in making the Shooflies that sometimes the shade of black and quality are different from bolt to bolt. I think what I'm going to do is make as many of the reverse blocks with the fabric as I can and have a cool zig-zag quilt.

I got a few other things done this weekend too. In the QATW swap I did for the pink/brown/cream Rail Fence blocks I received 20 blocks from a swapper that were too small. I cut those down to 6 inches and made 5 of these blocksI had played around with placement for a standard Rail fence but just didn't like the way it looked. I am going to use these 5 blocks in a large 9 patch design. I haven't decided what to put in the other 4 squares. I think this will be a charity quilt so I don't want to do anything too complicated and it's only going to be large enough for a crib quilt.


Gina said...

love the quilts.

I've done the same as you so many times. I still haven't learnt

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Crispy said...

Cute quilts but bummer on the border...been there done that too often LOL. Good for you to find a use for undersized swap blocks...shame on the swapper (this is why I don't do swaps)


TexasRed said...

Yum! That Rail Fence block looks like slabs of neopolitan ice cream!