Friday, February 22, 2008


We need to get our digital camera fixed. I'm working on several things I'd love to post pics of. I do have a disposable camera, and I'm gonna take some pics with it, but then i have to get a CD developed and download that, so it will be next week before you see the pics.

In "Quilting Forever" we have been doing this swap where we exchange blocks from previous swaps and our partner makes us a top with them. I was given a stack of Blue and Yellow blocks to work with. I really like the sashing idea I came up with and how this is turning out. I will get this finished today and mailed. Yea. I beat the deadline (Monday the 25th). LOL.

I've also been making HST's like crazy. I have a stack of "Tennessee" blocks, but need some more, -and am also adding to my "Depression" stack and my white and scrappy and my beige and red "Split 9-patch" blocks. So I am making huge dents in my scrap bags. I think I need to make a bunch of crumb blocks though, as I still have about 3 bags of very small scraps.

Then there's the pattern for the fabric covered notebooks that is screaming at me too. I think these would be good to sell at the craft fairs.

So many ideas, so little time...

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