Thursday, February 28, 2008

Swappers Anonymous

Hello. My name is Barbara and I'm addicted to swaps. Actually, I've drastically cut out most swaps. I have a "birthday block" swap I'm doing, and a few I'm organizing to get more blocks of certain kinds to go with blocks I've already got. I'm not signing up for any more 2 & 3 color- sampler blocks. I've had my fill of those and have all the colors I would ever want.

I've been going through and organizing all my sets of blocks into boxes and made a list. All the blocks and rows are now into 3 Avon boxes. Where do I start? I really want to get some more tops made. Need to give "tirane" something to do LOL. She's my good friend who quilts these for me. Of course I have some things she's already done for me that now need binding. But that's another story for another time.

How do you decide what to work on next? I have all these block sets, plus all the other quilts in my head that I want to do. All these scraps that are calling my name...I don't know where to start!

Hang on to your's a list of all the Block sets....

Canning Jars on black, Bug jars on black, 30's Churn Dashes, Christmas Friendship Stars, Amish 9-patch, Amish Baskets, Scrappy Split 9-patches, Red & Beige split 9-patches, Orange & White Sampler, Bright & White Sampler, Scrappy Tennessee Blocks, Scrappy Basket of Chips, Scrappy Bowties, 30's bowties, Kids Buzzards, Kids Hole in the Barn Door, Bright Double 4-patches, Pink/Green/Burgundy/Brown Double 4-patches, Purple Lovers Sampler, Batik Fish, Pink & White Sampler, Pink/White/Black Sampler, Pink/Brown/Cream Sampler, Fall 9-Patch, Mini Spinning Flowers, Tan/Burgundy/Hunter Green Sampler, Red/White/Gray/Black Sampler, Scrappy 9-Patches, Green & White Sampler, Black & Bright Indian Stars, Black & Bright Windmills, Christmas/Winter Sampler, Patriotic Sampler, Mocha Lovers Sampler, several sets of 6 inch 9-patches in various colors, Scrappy Starflowers, Bright Starflowers, Butterfly focus Fabric Blocks, Stitched Scraps, Halloween Sampler, Blue & White Sampler, Pink Lemonade Blocks, Pink Lemonade RR, Christmas RR, Stack and Whack Christmas, Camping fabric RR, Depression Blocks, Blue & Yellow Sampler, Blue/Yellow/White Sampler, Scrappy Spiderwebs, Kids Square in a Square, Heart focus fabric blocks, Mapleleaf blocks, Scrappy Cats, Fall Sampler, Black & Bright Bear Paws, Flower of Friendship, Mini Watermelons

Whew! Some of these blocks I really don't even care about anymore. Maybe I should pull those aside and put them in "Swappers Mall" in Quilting Forever. Some of them, I only have a few blocks and not enough to really make a top. Some of them I really like but need to make more blocks.

This list also doesn't include the stack of blocks I have from swaps where people didn't follow directions. Those will eventually get made into Charity quilts.

I'm not a huge fan of just plain 9-patch quilts, but will cut those up into dissapearing 9-patch quilts. I think I'm going to combine some of the samplers like the Pink & White with the Pink/White Black, and do the same with the Blue & Yellow and Blue/Yellow/White. The 6 inch 9-patches are blues with muslin, Yellows with Muslin, Purple with Muslin. Pink with Muslin. I think those would all look good in a quilt together.

Then theres all the sets of fabrics I have that I've picked patterns for....but that will be another entry for another day...

So now you understand why my moniker is "quiltswapqueen"....

"God, grant me the serenity to accept I cannot finish everything, Courage to not sign up for anymore swaps, and the wisdom to know what to do next. Amen".

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country mouse said...

Wow!! That's quite a list!! I know the feeling thought, I've drastically cut back on the number of swaps I join right now until I've got some finished quilts under my belt too. Then I may jump back into the swapping thing. They are just so much fun :cD