Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I know I've slacked off on posting. I've slacked off on sewing too. I went to the guild meeting last night though and showed off the "Hole in the Barn Door" and 1 of the shooflies. Got lots of compliments and got lots of inspiration to get going again.

There's a game going on at QATW where we chose 3 UFO's to work on for the month. They'll draw a number every night and the next day we're supposed to work at least 20 minutes on that project.

The UFO's had to be at least 3 months old, so I chose....

1. Rocky Road to Kansas- need to make tons of block parts.
2. 30's shooflies- already sewn into rows now
3. Black & Bright Windmills. I have 8 blocks, want to make at least 4 more

So she'll draw a number between 1 and 3. Or if she draws the Joker, then we get to pick any of the projects to do.

This weekend I'm going to have my own mini-sewing marathon and see what other stuff I can get done. I have Christmas presents I'd better get to working on too.


Shellie said...

Encouragement is the best thing to get you going again... atleast that is what helps me. Missed you. Can't wait to see your finished projects. =)Shellie

Crispy said...

Guild is always a great way to get me all enthused. Blog surfing is another many beautiful things being made out there.

It's wonderful that you are getting the spark again. I look forward to seeing what you finish up....or atleast put a few stitches in :0)


TexasRed said...

Sounds like a great encouragement to get a UFO done!

Scrappy-Quilter said...

I'm playing along too - gonna try posting updated photos of my UFOs at the end of each week to show my progress. Hope to have one of these babies finished by the end of the month.
glad to see you back bloggin