Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Scrappy Cats and UFO's

Here are some of the "Scrappy Cats" I'm currently working on...

I had 54 of them and need 80. I have all the pieces cut and made the "ear" sections last night. I hope to get all the cats finished today. Still need to find the pattern for the paper pieced mice I want to do for the border. I tore the pattern out of a magazine but can't remember where I put it. So I'll be looking for that today too.

This is gonna be a really cute quilt for a kid or a cat lover when I get it done!

In the MSN group "Quilting Forever" we have a "Block Block Swap" we send our partner a set of blocks and they set them for us.

I sent my partner the Black and White blocks and here's the top I got back! I Love it! I've never set blocks on point, always been scared to, but this has me thinking...

And here's the top I made for my partner using her blue and yellow blocks. I have these same blocks and intend to set them the same way for mine. Except that I think it needs another border of some sort around the whole thing....any ideas? Blue or Yellow?

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Quilter In Paradise said...

Looks like there is a dark blue in there,,, maybe use that for the border?