Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Double 4 patch

Here is a quilt I recently finished. I had made the blocks a LONG, long time ago. I discovered them on my spring fling clean up. The last time our sewing bee got together, I squared them up and sewed them together and left the top at tirane's house. She's my best friend and my quilter. She got her machine earlier this year and I have given her a lot of work. I trust her so much that I let her explore with designs on my quilts. I think most of her designs are originals. She added the borders for me and this is the quilt still on the frame at her house.

I will post some more quilts later this week. I have a few more I'll be picking up when I see her on the 12th! and several tops I'll be dropping off too...

I do have some quilts ready for sale, but am still exploring the best way to showcase them. I'll keep you posted!

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