Thursday, July 24, 2008

Going, Going, GONE!

Well, a while back I posted a long list of all the block sets I have.

I am happy to report the following:

now completely finished and ready to be sold

Bright Double 4 patch ( a small section of which is shown in my header)
Purple Lovers

weren't on that block list but also ready to be sold...

several "girly" I-Spy quilts (am currently making "boyish" ones)
an animal I-Spy
2 Texas A&M kid size quilts
1 University of Texas quilt
1 pastel Baby Buds quilt
Sampler quilt done in Greens/golds/browns/Blues. Queen size-ish.

in progress...

2 I-Spy quilts- at tirane's being quilted
Christmas Stack-n-whack- blocks are together, needs border/backing/quilting
Kids Square in Square- 2 tops are together, 1 needs a border I think, backing/quilting
Kids Rail Fence- top is at tirane's house being quilted
Fall Rail Fence- not enough blocks for a quilt so these are being sewn together for a nice large tablerunner. Have partly done.
Spiderwebs- are all sewn together. Still needs border/backing/quilting.
Scrappy Swappers Stars- a friend has these- making the top for me
Stitched Scraps- blocks are in rows, rows need to be sewn together
Scrappy Cats- blocks are squared up, some are in rows. Still haven't decided on border.

I have traded away these blocks in exchange for fabric...

Basket of Chips
Bright/White Challenge blocks
extra set of Baby Buds

And these I am giving to a great friend because I'm tired of looking at them...

Scrappy Jacob's Ladders
Scrappy Depression

Scrappy Buckeye Beauty
Red/Beige Split 9-patch

All orphan blocks

In the last month I've also sold a total of about 60 yards of unwanted fabrics and made over $100. Have started another pile of fabrics to get rid of. Selling these through the QuiltersFleaMarket yahoo group.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel...

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tirane93 said...

wow - looking at all that stuff in list form makes me realize just how much stuff is going through your sewing room. keep it up girl!