Tuesday, July 29, 2008

End of an Era

Tonight I am sorting through my clothes again and getting rid of all the stuff that is too big. My clothes are fitting looser, I just wish the scale would reflect that. I've got several shirts that just a month ago were too tight in the upper arms that now fit perfectly. I haven't really been doing anything different except drinking even more water than I was. It is too hot to walk outside for very long. I can't afford the gym membership, so I have been trying to do aerobics and such around the house.

So goodbye dragon t-shirt, quilt show t-shirts, irish festival shirts, etc. You are getting packed away for a t-shirt quilt I'll make one of these days. The other clothes will get "freecycled" as I did with the last bunch.

I'm bouncing back and forth between 65 and 70 pounds gone. I soooo want to hit the 75 mark! Then it will be on to 100.....would like to hit that before my birthday in November. It can and will be done!

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vtquilter said...

Congrats on losing weight! I was working on losing my 'baby' weight (boy born in Feb) but didn't manage to get that last 8-10 pounds off. Oh well, it will have to wait and come off next year now.... after baby # 2 comes in March.