Thursday, July 31, 2008

Going, going, gone part 2

Here are some more blocks I'm giving to Michelle....I was on a roll again last night. I sat and looked at blocks and if I couldn't picture a top in my mind, they went in her box...

A Christmas Row Robin that didn't turn out like I'd wanted...
Amish Baskets
Cotton Reels
Flower of Friendship
and a bunch more orphan blocks.

She is also sending me some Preschool curriculum books and had asked for some "noodles" in exchange so I've got a large baggie of strips ready for her. I went through my box of them and picked out all the bright ones and the ones I'm saving for the dark log cabin and gave her the rest.
(Noodle= 2 1/2 inch strip x width of fabric)

In exchange for all these blocks, she has graciously offered to quilt a couple of tops for me this fall if I need her to. Tirane has been getting lots of business! Yea!

Didn't get any sewing done yesterday, but you can now see more of the floor . I'm not tripping over boxes just to get to my desk. LOL.

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