Tuesday, October 7, 2008

REVISED October Goals

OK, the craft Fair is in 7 weeks. I've got at least 10 "I Spy", 2 small Texas A&M, 1 University of Texas twin size or so, a Purple & White twin size sampler, a queen size sampler, and a couple of other assorted kids quilts. I want to finish this Texas A&M top, another Texas, and a Texas Tech.

tirane has the 2 Amish, and the 2 Christmas. I'm probably leaving other stuff out.

I think I can have these college tops done within the next week. I was going to keep making tops through the end of the month and then have 3 weeks to make the smaller stuff, but after talking to several non-quilty friends, they think I need to go ahead and start concentrating on the smaller stuff that might be more likely to sell.

There are 4 tablerunners already done or at Tirane's. So after I get these college tops done, I'm going to spend a week making as many Tablerunners as I can. I think I'm going to incorporate some blocks already made into some of them so that should help with time. It shouldn't take long to add borders around 3 or 4 blocks.

Then I have the coffee cup, teacup, and other paper pieced coasters I want to make. And some pillowcases, and I really want to branch out and try to get a couple of purses/bags made. And the stockings. At the last minute I can throw together some of the fold & flip coasters.

The latest "Easy Quilts" by Fons & Porter has a really easy pattern for a Gift Card/money holder. Those would be easy to make and might be something people would buy on impulse. small ornaments.

Then there's the dilemna on what to price everything! I'll think about that later.

Wow, so much to do!

Over the next few weeks I'll try to post pictures of these quilts that I haven't posted before.

So what are YOU working on?

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Shar said...

Oh my you are busy! I need some of your energy :) I'm working on a few little Owl Pincushions.