Friday, October 17, 2008

We interupt this sewing for an update...

Updating my health---I am still having dizzy spells even after the cardiologist upped my medication to take it every day. She called me the other day to see if I was still having problems. I said yes, but not as bad, and she's referred me to an Electrophysiologist. I've never heard of such a doctor. Right now I'm hooked up to a monitor that is recording my heart rate and such. I will be undergoing another series of tests sometime next week. I just hope they finally figure out what's going on. In doing some research it sounds like I may end up with a pacemaker. We'll see.

Work is going pretty well. Today marks 11 years I've worked at The Village School. Just noticed the website needs updating. I've been through several positions there, but it has been neat watching children who were infants when I started grow up to be the rambunctious pre-teens they are now.

The diet and exercise plan have been at a stalemate with all this medical stuff going on. I had gained back a few pounds and have now lost them and am trying to maintain and at least not gain any back again. When we figure out what's going on, I will get my butt back in gear.

And this afternoon I am going to the salon for a long needed new look! This stringy flat mop will be gone!

And now back to the sewing...

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jillquilts said...

I realize that I am a little late getting this news, but I hope that you are finally getting some answers. Keep us all posted!