Monday, December 1, 2008

Black Friday shopping

After paying a few medical bills I decided to treat myself to some fabric acquistion with some of the craft fair $.

I forgot to take pictures and have already put everything bought away. Sorry.

6:30 am. Arrive at JoAnn's. It was packed. I walk over to get the 2 fabrics I wanted and get my number for the cutting table. I was number 54 and at that point they were serving number 31. I went to the quilting notions aisle and picked up 3 sets of rotary blades. I prefer to use a 28mm cutter and they are always out of blades for that size. Besides, they were 50% off. I also picked up several Black & White FQ's as they were .99 cents. I sat down at the pattern book table and waited. and waited..and waited...after 30 minutes of waiting, they had only moved from 31 to 38. What was going on you ask? they had fleece for 50% off and flannel for $1. 49 a yard. Ladies were grabbing anywhere from 10-30 bolts each. I'm not kidding. 1 lady stuffed 3 shopping carts.

I gave up and handed my number 54 to someone who had just gotten there and was number 83...I went to check out and glanced at the book rack. There in front was a book I'd been wanting. "Facts and Fabrications, Unraveling the History of Quilts & Slavery" by Barbara Brackman. I used my 50% coupon on it. For all the people in line at the cutting table, there was no one in line at the register.

I left and went to Target, expecting it to be packed. There was hardly anyone. I picked up a few more tubs for organizing stuff and did not have to wait in line there either. They had every register open, but hardly any customers. As I was leaving I heard a manager telling a group of teenage cashiers to go home. Sign of the times I guess.

Came home, relaxed for a few minutes, glanced through my new book, and then went to our favorite fabric warehouse Golden D'or. Almost everything there was 25% off their normal $2.99 price. Met up with tirane and Beth. Bought some brights, pastels, and B&W's for my stash. Ask tirane how much she bought.. we were joking that she had said "I'm just gonna browse". LOL.

Left there and headed for home. I still had a little $ left. Decided to stop at my favorite LQS Quilters Connection as they were also having a 25% off sale. Picked up 2 really great neutrals for my stash. They will get used in the scrappy quilts next year.

All in all I came home with about 20 yards of fabric, the blades, the book, and tubs. Still had $ in my pocket too. Spent the rest of the day continuing the purge/clean-up/organizing of my sewing room. But that report will have to wait till tomorrow....

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Scrappy-Quilter said...

what great deals ya got! wonderful!
when you are done with your sewing room my sewing area is waiting for ya .... lol