Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Kids

There are going to be some very happy kids come Christmas morning. As of noon today I'd sold 5 of the kids quilts, 1 tablerunner (the kitschy 40's one) and 7 sets of coasters at work. WOO HOO! I have this afternoon off but some of the Moms still wanted to look so one of my co-workers is hawking my wares for me.

Of course I had to mark everything down a little. No one was even looking at them at the price I really wanted. I overheard 3 of the Moms talking. One said "All she did was sew squares together"....I was rolling my eyes till I heard one of the other Moms respond "but look at the wonderful quilting". (Kuddos to tirane!)

From now on I want to incorporate some more designs and such into any "I Spy"s that I make. But what I really think I'm going to do is concentrate on some quilts for kids that are more design oriented. I have lots of "Quilts for Kids" books. My "I Spy" days aren't over, but may be on the back burner for a while. I have too many Novelty fabrics still to give them up.

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