Friday, December 19, 2008

The Money Pit

Sorry I haven't posted. Life has been CRAZY....

Non-quilty stuff first-

I had the "tilt table" test and they ruled out Vertigo. My blood pressure is still fluctuating a little and I have to have even MORE salt. I'm now drinking 2 quarts of Low cal Gatorade a day, on top of lots of water, and practically eating salt. The EP literally told me to put pinches of salt on my tongue and gulp some water with it. I'm also eating more nuts than I used to. But I am feeling better and not as dizzy.

A couple of weeks ago we noticed a large stain had formed in our Master Bedroom. We had the plumbers out and figured out that our shower pan must have cracked. We had some mold issues too and they told us we needed a whole new shower. They started demolition on it and called me at work to say that the insulation in the wall was soaking wet (we'd just had rain the night before) and that we needed our roof checked and fixed before they could finish the job....Had 1 roofer come out who said we needed a whole bunch of work done to the sum of about $2500. Then another came out who said that both areas of the roof above our bathrooms were leaking and just those parts needed to be fixed and it would be about $800.

The plumbers can't fix the wall and shower till the roof is done, and we have had several days of cold/snow/freezing mist and they haven't started yet. Today is sunny and I got a call they'd start today and no one has shown up....So with the holidays and all we're looking at January before the plumbers can probably come back and do their part, and then we still have to have the tile guy come out to do that work.

Have you ever seen "The Money Pit?" That's what our house feels like right now...Oh, and it turns out when they demolished our shower, we didn't even HAVE a shower pan! The couple that owned the house before us had done a lot of work themselves on the house and we figure they just never put one in. And the roofer said there are areas where there are 2 layers of shingles and some areas where there are 3 and it wasn't a very good job and who did that job you think?

But on the Quilty front-

I had 57 blocks for my "Stitched Scraps" quilt. I made 24 more so that I could set these 9x9. They are 10 1/2 inch blocks unfinished. I start squaring them up and realize that about 1/2 of the 57 are short and more like 10 1/4. They were from a couple of rounds of a swap in an MSN group. I wanted to have all the blocks squared up for Sewing Bee tomorrow, but instead I'm taking a box of scraps and will be ripping seams and replacing parts. It's an easy enough block to fix at least. I think I can still get this top finished by the end of the year.

I also got a great deal on a bunch of FQ's towards the Bird quilt. I'd gone to check out the end-of-the-year inventory sale at my favorite LQS and everything was 30% off. I went thinking I'd get some batiks, but none of them really screamed at me to buy them. However, all the colors in the birds were, so I got some FQ's to make the scrappy flying geese and the other borders. I was going to put this quilt off till later next year, but I guess it's calling my name and will be worked on after the scrappy one's finished.

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