Monday, July 13, 2009


Here are "Hopscotch", "Cathie's Campfire", and "Simple Simon"

These have become addictive! I spent some time this weekend sorting through my bright scraps and pulling all the Black & White fabrics I'm gonna use. As fun as these are though, I really want to use my time this week to finish up a couple of UFO's.

Friday night I pulled this BOB (blocks in bags) and sewed them together.

I don't know what colors to do for borders. It is going to be a charity quilt so I really don't want to piece anything. I could do strips of any colors except yellow. There is a lot of green already so I really don't want to use that. I thought about a skinny blue and then wider red, or reverse that and do a skinny red and then a wider blue? Help?


Crispy said...

I vote for skinny blue then red or maybe a skinny red and black???? Just to add to the confusion LOL.


tirane93 said...

i'd go with a skinny something on white and then a wider multi.