Thursday, January 15, 2009

January Projects

Way back in August I was working on turning this fabric that Patty gave me

Into this...

It ended up being very small so I asked my dear friend tirane for some suggestions
on making it larger. We decided on adding a border of skinny flying geese
and then a border of small 9-patches. I think it will make a great quilt for a bird lover.

Then I got busy getting ready for that craft fair. This went into the UFO pile. I wasn't planning
on working on it till later in the summer. I knew I was going to have to buy some more drab colors as they are way out of the box for me. I hit the end of the year inventory in December at my LQS and all these colors were calling my name so I bought 20 FQ's for about $1.50 each.

For the last week I've been making these...

I miss my brights, but I wanted to do something with my overflowing boxes of scraps
so I also started turning these...

Into these

The makings of a "Rocky Road to Kansas" quilt. I have 20 of the 168 sections started. I am going to use some WOW scraps for the background color, but cannot decide what to do in what ends up being the center of each star. Just scrappy those too? pick 1 focus color? I found a lot of RRTK quilts online and they use 2 alternating colors like red and blue. Looking in my scraps I have a lot of green scraps and pink scraps but I can't envision using those. Black would be too dark. Creams would be too light. Any suggestions?

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tirane93 said...

since you're going scrappy, i'd use some grouping of stripes, or polka dots, or small florals or 30s prints or something like that. where the theme is overwhelmingly obvious even though the colors might not match up.