Thursday, January 22, 2009

Showing Off

I realized that I never posted about my win!

Every year we have a Service Auction at church and people donate goods, services, parties, and anything they can think of that people might bid on.

My friend Anne donated a basket full of quilting goodies. She isn't a quilter, but she gave quite a good batch of stuff. There must be a story behind it that I need to find out. She does sew, so maybe it was a gift given to her by someone else.

There are several quilters at church, but surprisingly only I and the husband of one of them were bidding on this.

The basket

was filled with these (6 of the Elm Creek Quilt books by Jennifer Chiaverini)

and these great 1/2 yards

and these wonderful FQ's

And a book- "Beginner's Guide to Quilting" which I forgot to take a picture of and have already gifted away to a co-workers granddaughter that has started quilting.

The funny thing is that I'm the computer data entry person at this auction and keep up with the winning bids. I thought for sure John had beat me by $5. But a few weeks ago the Auctions organizer told me that I had actually won and I picked up the basket. I've always wanted to read the books, and although I'm not sure what I'll do with the fabrics yet, I'm sure it will be something luscious. I especially love the basket. It's currently holding some pink & brown fabrics gathered for an upcoming project. How appropriate. LOL.


Shar said...

A lovely basket and full of quilting goodies! Lucky girl. :)
How is the "Rocky Road to Kansas" quilt coming along?


Quilter In Paradise said...

congratulations! can't wait to see what you do with the fabrics!