Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An Artists Pallette, or where is that Mauvy, peachy pink?

Saturday was our monthly Sit & Sew at tirane's house. She has a stash to die for. Every possible color folded and stacked nice and neat on wooden shelves. She was working with a panel that had very subdued pastel shades. She pulled fabrics from her stash that complimented it nicely even though they were all from different manufacturers. Fabrics that I never would have thought about using together. But she has just the knack for making things work. Then she realized she needed a pink. Went back to her stash and pulled just the right pink the first time. Wow. She doesn't believe in "stash busting", because as she says, your stash is your pallette. Had that been a panel in my stash, I would have had nothing to work with it. I'd have given up and given it away.

I thought about a pink that I had that would have worked nicely with her fabrics but then realized I'd given it away in my recent purging.

Then I got to thinking about what is left in my stash. As far as colors go, I have lots of blues, greens, reds, and pinks. Very little brown, yellow, orange, or purple, which is strange because it's my favorite color. But within each color I am limited in certain shades. Most of my fabrics lean towards the bright side. I do have some deep rich hunter greens and some navy blue. But if someone asked me to make a baby quilt in pastels, it would be an excuse to go shopping. I have a growing selection of 30's prints, batiks, Black & Whites, and my novelty selection is extensive..every "thing" under the sun, but that's a post for another day.

What colors dominate your stash? Are there colors you're lacking? Have you given something away only to wish you hadn't? Do you purge fabrics? Stash bust? or are you like my friend and always have just the right shade of mauve pink?


tirane93 said...

ohmygosh. you couldn't have said i had every shade of grey to black. no. you had to talk about my PINKS. great. now everyone will think i'm a big sissy!

Michele said...

She who dies with the best stash wins :^)

If my friend needed something I had, I would gladly share. But purging for the sake of purging? NEVER!!

Lori in South Dakota said...

My stash leans to darks. Dark blues, greens, reds, burgandys. Lots of tone on tones.

Jackie said...

I find fabric selection very difficult. I truly admire someone who can do it so easily like your friend.

You might have less of your favorite colors because you tend to use them! I'm finding that while I won't wear browns and earth tones in clothing, I've very attracted to those colors for quilting. Seems a bit weird to me!