Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tackle it 2sday

I have been feeling a bit down in the dumps lately and haven't done a whole lot of sewing. I seem to go through this every winter. I don't know what it is. Last year I was motivated to sew as much as possible in the hopes of making $$$ and since deciding that I won't do that craft fair again, I don't seem to have something to challenge me. I do have the tubs of UFO's, but I don't seem inspired to work on any of them. At least not lately.

I do need to work on Eileen's Blue & White top. We did a swap of blocks to make each other a top and funny thing is we sent each other Blue & White blocks. I laughed out loud when I got her blocks. She made me this lovely top with mine...

For today's quilty "tackle" I will work on hers. I was having a really hard time deciding on what to do for the outer border but now I have a plan. I hope she likes it.

And I think for today's non-quilty tackle I'm going to go get a perm. I've been needing a new one, as the one I got in October grew out fairly quickly. That should help me feel better.

BTW, my 100th post is coming really soon and I'm thinking about a giveaway. Not sure yet what it will be but be on the lookout!

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Scrappy-Quilter said...

Babs - your site is so cute! great job on the updates. I think we all go thru time when we don't want to sew or tackle anything. Those are veg days for me. It is okay to have some of those but don't let yourself get into a rut. Glad you like your top. Sorry the picture is not the best.