Friday, February 13, 2009


Last spring when we went to NYC and Boston I drug David along to lots of museums. And I took a lot of pictures. His remark was always "You can look at that online". It's not the same as seeing it in person though.
I can say "I was there".
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Of course I took pics of my favorites..Monet, Picasso, Matisse, Renoir, O'Keefe, Pollack, etc.

But there were a few that I took that now I wish I had written down the artists name and title of the piece. Most of these caught my eye as future quilt ideas.
I did get the name and title of this one. It is "Bed" by Robert Rauschenberg. He framed a pillow, sheet, and quilt, then scribbled on them and splashed them with paint. I liked the Courthouse Step and wondered how old they were. Left me wondering who made the quilt and if they knew it would one day be hanging at the MoMA.

This gave me ideas for paper pieced diamonds or butterflies. The colors are a lot more vivid in person.

and this one is so bright and wild that of course I love it.

And this one is from a Seminole Indian's dress.
Doesn't it remind you of a quilt block?

The Visitors Center in Salem, MA has tile was laid out like a 9-patch quilt. I took pictures but can't find them. They may not have gotten downloaded. If I can recover them I'll post those too. Gray background with squares of navy, teal, rust, gold, and hunter green. Isn't it funny where we find inspiration sometimes?!

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