Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just Stuff

Our ISP is down for a few days so I'm popping in from work. I can't post any pics from here, but I've been super busy the last few days working on several projects.

I'm making Judy's latest Stash project- I chose a lot of large bright scraps for mine with a few bright novelty rectangles thrown in.

I did get all my brights folded and added up. For me, "brights" includes TOT's and Prints. It is easier for me to find them and pick them if they are all together. I have 145 yards of brights. Yowsa! And 2 boxes of scraps that are brights. I have another scrappy quilt planned with those.

I also added up my novelties, except for the Bugs box and the foods box. Without those I have 79 yards of "things".

And I found 3 more yards of a COC to add to the Neutrals tally, so right now my stash is at 450 yards....Only 1 more large tub to count- the fabrics set aside for borders and backings. After that is the small and medium tubs of colors and projects. I won't be able to get to those till next week.

Hopefully the ISP will be back up and running soon, I want to share some pics of my projects!


Brenda said...

I want to come shop your stash!!!

I hope you can to use your comp. at home, I am looking forward to seeing how yours is looking, it sounds great to me!! I love brights!! This weekend (if not before!!) I am going to get to cutting up my fabric choices. It's going to be nice sewing with you!!!

Crispy said...

Hi Babs, just passing through after adding your blog to my list. 450 yards of fabric isn't so bad, is it? After all you don't need to rent storage space or anything LOL.

Off to read some more of your blog.