Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stash Count

Here is where the stash count currently stands. There are many small and mid-size tubs still to go but all the big ones are done except the borders/backings tub and it's on the agenda for tonight.

  • Brights- 145 yds
  • Novelties-79 yds
  • Batiks-29.6 yds
  • Neutrals- 92.4 yds
  • Fall- 42 yds
  • Black & Whites- 25 yds
  • Christmas- 39 yds

added to the list this morning...

  • Bugs- 13 yds
  • Foods- 23 yds
  • Southwest-23 yds
  • Halloween-15.5 yds

For a total so far of 524 yards.


Scrappy-Quilter said...

amazing - wanna come count my stash?

swooze said...

Wow. How many quilts you got in there? Ask tirane to do the math for you!

swooze said...

OK I just went and checked how she caluclated it. She assumed 12 yards per quilt so that means you have about 43 quilts in the making. Better get busy!